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The most important advantages of MGX


The MGX AIR app is the perfect symbiosis between you as a photographer and your photos. This app will save you a lot of time and, naturally, also money. With this MGX AIR app you can easily, quickly and wirelessly organize, encode, share with social media, edit, print or archive photos through our MGX CLOUD - anywhere in the world. The MGX AIR app functions in combination with our MGX AIR Flash card that you place in your (DSLR) camera.

But you can also use just your iPhone as camera. For this you won't need a MGX AIR Flash card. The 'jump start' principle in our systems ensures that you can immediately and easily get to work.

Together with the comprehensive MGX 'ecosystem', the MGX AIR APP is an indispensable buddy for all events.

MGX is complete, and equipped with all comforts!

The MGX is not picky. Actually, anybody can use MGX. But seeing as we put all these features in, it's perfectly suitable for different professional demographics including event photographers. All possibilities in a row, especially for the event photographer:

  • Automatically share photos with Facebook

  • Edit photos with the MGX photo filters

  • Edit photos with Lightroom (automatically)

  • Backup photos

  • Access to minisites

  • Central link between multiple photographers

  • Central and simple organizing of photos (for Facebook, minisite, download link,...)

  • Order photos via printservice

  • Directly mail photos to clients through our portal

  • Scan barcodes (possibly with external scanner). Possibility to combine with a kiosk for printing/sharing service. With the kiosk you can share photos on Facebook. Via mail a link to the Facebook post will be sent to the enduser.

  • Use your own barcode cards

  • Sell photos through kiosks (for theme parks and events)