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MGX Photo Technology


Surprise your customers or visitors with realtime interactive animations, virtual entertainment and online campaigns! Create an unforgettable (brand) experience with shareable content in which your visitor is in the center of all the action. MGX ensures a direct measurable response with a longterm focus on your brand.  


MGX Photo & Video Booth


You used to see them a lot: a little kiosk with a curtain. The same concept can be brought a lot more advanced, smaller and more mobile.


To put it simply, the MGX Photo & Video Booths are cameras you can combine with a screen to watch the result rendered in realtime. It's thé unique interactive photo or video solution, completely personalised to your brand or concept.



Coca Cola  |  Sprite  |  Mora  |  Disney  |  Lieteberg  |  Duvel  |  Medialaan  |  VDAB


MGX Air EcoSystem


The art in photos and videos is turning an experience into a lifelong memory. the MGX Air Ecosystem gives you the opportunity to simply collect, edit and share these memories. That keeps your hands free to create a true unique experience. 


The MGX Air Ecosystem is the simple all-rounder for branding and sharing. After capturing the perfect picture, the Air Ecosystem sends it to the cloud storage automatically. That's where the real magic happens. The image is edited and branded. Visitors can immediatly check their hairdo in the online galleries and share their experience on social media.

Zoo van Antwerpen  |  McDonalds  |  Golazo Sports  |  Nike  |  Planckendael  |  Sportizon


MGX Mix+Match


It's not because we haven't done it before, that we can't. Surprise us with your ideas and we are happy to jump into an adventure with you. The modules listed below are just a fraction of the MGX possibilities, to combine as you please.

Tell us your wildest dreams and together we can make some magic.

MGX Photo of Video Booth op maat


The MGX Photo or Video Booth takes 'stand alone' pictures without external control. The booth is controlled by the visitors thanks to the built in touch screen



Reinforce your brand by undeniably adding it to every image, completely automatic

MGX Air App


De perfect symbiosis between photographer and your pictures. Send your images wirelessly to your smartphone for immediate upload to the cloud

Interactive animations

Add the craziest animations or atttributes to your images

Green Screen technology


The advanced MGX Green Screen technolgy implements front- and backgrounds in real time, even with video!

Photo edit


Edit photos online with Lightroom

Cloud based storage


No need to change memory cards, but get immediate trustworthy cloud storage

Statistics en analyses

Monitor online reaction, analyse the results and create reports

Tailored Viewing station


Choose a seperate viewing station to directly print or share 

Mini Sites


Privately or publicly accessible



Instantly print your unique photo

Datacaptation (GDPR ready)!


Data is the new gold! Collect e-mailaddresses and info from your visitors

Web galleries


So your visitors can find ther photo instantly on your personalised web gallery

Social Media


Maintain perfect control over social sharing without unnecessary intermediates. Use the digital MGX dashboard and select the content you want to share, where you want to share it

Internet Everywhere


No internet? No problem! With internet everywhere we can keep the Air Ecosystem afloat without worries.

White Label


With our white label package you can offer our Ecosytem or Booths to your clients, tailored to them

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